The Chamber of Haunters as an organization to help haunters and fans alike to push the Haunted Attraction Industry forward into a new and higher direction. Safety and fun is of the highest priority within the industry. Haunters want to ensure that their fans experience the best scares out there but, in the safest ways possible while creating new adventures that keep the industry constantly fresh. We, here at the Haunters Association, are out to help Haunters to accomplish this task.

     The Chamber of Haunters is here to help fans experience scary attractions in the safest environment possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that Haunters have the necessary tools and information to be able to deliver the best scares to all fans!

     The Chamber of Haunters partnered with "The Haunt Rater" in order to bring you the most up to date information out there and to help recruit the industry's haunted attractions from all over the United States. We hope to be able to create the kind of organization that can help all haunted attractions to grow and reach their true potential! We look forward to working with each and every one of you!