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Rob Nulton - The Haunt Rater
Rob Nulton is the owner of The Haunt Rater. The Haunt Rater started off as a simple Rating and Review Organization and after 10 years of operation, it turned into a "Haunt Community Service" Organization. The Haunt Rater has provided many services such as consulting, marketing, fundraising, construction assistance, etc. all out of their own pockets to ensure that Haunted Attractions all over are able to be successful no matter the size of their haunt or their heart.

As the founder of The Haunt Rater, Rob was looking to do more for the industry and in so doing, founded "The Chamber of Haunters" which serves as a Chamber of Commerce for the Haunted Attraction Industry. Rob is also the Founder of a new online magazine which will feature news and updates from the chamber as well as the Haunted Attraction Industry, called "Haunted Insider". As a business person by trade, Rob has helped numerous organizations and companies to grow and is looking to use those same skills and talents to grow the Haunted Attraction Industry. 
Bob Hershey Jr. - Jason's Woods
Jan Knuth - Grey House Haunts
Sue Gray - Graystone Haunted Manor
Angela Moyer - Waldorf Estate of Fear